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the beautiful heroine

Hello, I’m Lucky Cath and I’m a plushie singer-songwriter born July 9th 2016. I write and perform epic pop songs and acoustic folk-pop.

Human named me after the Japanese lucky charm, the maneki-neko, also known as the lucky cat. A white cat like me symbolizes happiness.

I live in a flat with my plushie sibling Poopi and a human. When I don't make music I take naps, play with balls of yarn, collect four-leaf clovers and get into fist fights with Poopi. 

Lucky Cath's Plushiepedia page

P1030171 Poopi_edited.jpg


the hungry sidekick

Poopi the pug is my plushie sibling, flatmate, sidekick and useless bandmember. Poopi was born June 25th 2016 and Poopi's favorite toys are Knoe the pig plush and Dino-friend. Poopi’s got a special talent for finding my hidden snacks and has a singing voice that could break glass.

Poopi is not good at talking but can say a few word like "cholocate" and "cake". Poopi also knows the word "emergency" when there's been too much sweets.

Poopi's Plushiepedia page

P1040090 Dino-friend.JPG


the sidekick's sidekick

A miniature dinosaur plush Poopi found at a shopping trip to Ikea. Dino-friend is a talented musician and dj also known as Dj Di-Fi. 

P1040166 Bonnie.JPG


the little plushie bunny

Poopi doesn't like it when I play with Knoe and Dino-friend so for my second birthday Poopi gave me this little bunny called Bonnie.

P1040154 Cousins_edited.jpg


the background singers

My cute little cousins! They sound excatly like me when they sing so I use them as backup singers.

P1040228 Bandit.JPG


the cool pug friend

Bandit is one of our closest friends and also the Head of Ravenclaw at Plushie Hogwarts!

P1040170 Knoe.JPG


the sidekick's sidekick

Human made Knoe the pig plush for Poopi. So Knoe is made to endure Poopi’s squeezing but perhaps not Poopi’s singing. 

P1040237 Madame Poopey.JPG


the mysterious fortune teller

Madame Poopey is Poopi's cousin. She’s a healer, a fortune teller and into other stuff that some people call mumbo jumbo.

Madame Poopey likes gold, sparkly things, gambling and sniffing glitter.

P1040056 Uncle P.JPG


the no-nonsense plushie


Uncle P is the only normal relative of Poopi that I’ve met. He is also the only plushie Poopi listens to, or rather, pretends to listen to.

Uncle P is the kind of plushie who likes to drink beer and watch football on tv.

P1040081 Grumps.JPG


the grumpy cat plushie

Grumps is, as the name and looks suggest, pretty grumpy.